How I choose the perfect Airbnb

With how popular the site Airbnb is, how do you find the perfect Airbnb for your trip? Here’s what I look for:

1. I first enter the criteria for my trip (date, location and number of people staying).

2. I then filter down the price to what I know my max budget will be. It’s nice because Airbnb has a function that shows what the nightly average is so you can see how your budget compares.

3. I then filter down that I want the entire place rented out. You can also choose for a single room, ect. I just always like to have the whole place to ourselves.

4. I then like to look for rentals that have a Superhost. You can tell because the host has a red and yellow metal next to their picture that says Superhost. Being a Superhost makes me feel more comfortable and trusting in the location. This isn’t a deal breaker for me. It’s just a nice addition if the rentals host is a Superhost.

5. Next I look for where the Airbnb is located. Is it far from the airport? Is it near transportation? Near major attractions? These are all important questions I want answered. If I cannot figure out, I’ll message the host and ask! Most hosts respond within a few hours.

6. Now I read through the reviews left by those who have stayed. I don’t just read them to see if the rental is nice but I also like to read them to get recommendations and ideas of things to do during our stay.

7. Lastly, I always email the host and introduce myself and what we will be doing during our stay. It’s always so nice to introduce yourself a head of time because the host will often give recommendations while you are planning your vacation and give you the option to pre-book their rental. You will have 24 hours to book their rental, which takes it off the site so no one else books it.

I just love Airbnb! It’s really a game changer for traveling on a budget. It also really makes me feel more immersed in the culture of where we are staying. What do you look for in a vacation rental?

Happy Traveling!

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