How to make extra cash for traveling!

Traveling can be expensive, even if you are budgeting. So I always try to make some extra cash on the side so we can have more spending money for our trips. Here’s what I do:

1. Use apps to get rebates back from grocery shopping. This is one of the easier things you can do. You already grocery shop, so why not get money back from what you buy? I like to use the app called “Ibotta”. You basically go grocery shopping, go on the app to see if you locked down any rebates, scan the bar codes and your receipt! Once you get $20 you can cash out on venmo (what I normally do) or pick from a variety of gift cards they have. That simple! If you want to try it out, here’s a referral code that will give you $10 for your first shop trip!

2. Have a credit card with cash back. This is a no brainer for a requirement for a credit card. Make sure you get some kind of “cash back” whether it’s a % for money or airline points,ect. Your credit card company should be rewarding you for using their card. I have a discover card and get 5% cash back which is super nice! I can apply the cash back to my credit card balance, or on amazon or even just deposit it into my checking account! It’s great!

3. Sell on your local swap page. I made a lot of money for our Thailand trip by selling things we no longer used on my local swap page. You can sell anything from a blender to a pair of shoes! Simply post a description and price and post it on your local swap page or Facebook marketplace.

4. Google “Rewards”. This is an app you can download on your phone. Google will notify you when they have a survey for you to take (anywhere from 3-6 questions and take a few seconds to fill out). You usually get 10 cents to 25 cents per survey. Once you hit $2 they cash out on your PayPal. This can take a little while to acquire cash on, but I did make $10 in less than a month…not bad!

5. Surveys. There are tons of services out there that will pay you a small fee to take surveys. Just do a simple google search and sign up! You may also get local ones in the mail. When we lived in Utah a local company ask for me to fill out a survey and they mailed me $10 cash, super easy!

These are just a few ideas for you to get started on making some extra cash for traveling. Have you used any of these? What other methods do you do that I missed?

Happy Traveling!

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