Travel Essentials

What to bring on every trip

  1. A Fanny Pack. Yup, you better believe it! We use a thin one that goes under Karolis’s shirt. No one can tell and our money and IDs are safe in there.
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 20.53.57

We use this one: Buy this one

2. Big Scarf. I always bring a big scarf because it can be used to keep you warm as a blanket, rolled up as a pillow and to cover you head to make it dark to sleep. I never travel without one! 

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3. Adapter. Make sure to buy one that can be used in multiple countries. We also like to have one that can have more than one device plugged in at one. Pro Tip: Buy at least two. Ladies, you do not want to forfeit the plug when you are trying to do your hair because your husband needs to charge the phones.

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We use this one from Amazon

5. A daytime backpack. It is nice and convenient to have a little waterproof backpack to take for your day trips on vacation. You do not have to worry about a purse or carrying everything when you can just throw it in a sack on your back. Pro Trip: Have a waterproof backpack just in case the weather does not hold up. WORTH THE INVESTMENT

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6. Reuse-able, Thermal water bottle. These are great because you can lug around a lot of water at once and it stays cold/warm all day!

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We love Hydroflask !

7.  Portable Batteries (at LEAST 2). Your phone will die and sometimes you cannot find a plug. Portable batteries are a lifesaver. Each battery can usually charge a phone and a half. These save our lives! Even for Saturdays around town.

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8. Tablet loaded with movies. This helps for long train rides or Ryan Air flights. It is always nice to have something to distract you if you need it.


We use an ipad mini loaded up with movies we download from Netflix or Vudu. You can order one here

9. Travel Notebook. We use ours to write down favorite memories and events. We also use it to keep little keepsakes like ticket stubs or brochures.

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We use this one from Amazon

10. A Hammock. Can’t find a place to sit? Use a hammock?! But in all seriousness my husband always has one in our backpack whether we use it or not. Hammocking in the park is our favorite thing to do!

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11. DSLR Camera. Get a good DSLR camera to elevate your travel photography. We personally love the Canon Rebel cameras.

We use the T5i

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