How to save money on food

Everyone has to eat. But eating on vacation always is more expensive! Here are a few money saving tips I have:

1. Share meals. Often times portions are pretty big and you won’t eat leftovers on vacation usually due to the lack of a fridge. So split your meals. Plus that way you can save room for ice cream 🙂

2. Buy staples and snacks at a local grocery store or convenient store. Depending where you are at, you usually can always find a store or 7/11. Buy snacks, water, ect from there. You’ll spend less money on basics then you would in tourist locations.

3. If you have a kitchen, cook there! Try to make breakfast or an occasional dinner in your kitchen. You often can cook delicious food with local cuisine and it will save you money!

4. Pack sandwiches for lunch. Usually on vacation, you’re on the go during the day. Pack some sandwiches in your bag to have while you are out and about. You’ll save yourself both time and money!

This is how we save money on food while on vacation. What do you do?

Happy Traveling!

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