First-Timer Tips for San Pedro, Belize

A Belikin beer in hand, driving a golf cart and snorkeling the barrier reef. You could only be in San Pedro, Belize. Now when we decided to go to Belize I felt a little overwhelmed, but I had no need to be! San Pedro is a safe island town with the friendliest people! Here some tips to save you some research time and to settle any anxieties you may have.

San Pedro, Belize Tips:

  • English is the primary language so everyone can usually speak it and all the signs and menus are in English as well!
  • The currency of Belize is Belize dollars. The conversion rate is 2:1 (Ex. $20 Belize dollars =$10 USD ) so when you see prices cut it in half and you will know the conversion

  • That being said, you can use USD to pay for anything. Usually if you pay in BZE, you’ll get BZE back. If you pay in USD, you’ll get USD back
  • Most vendors in San Pedro took credit cards! Usually the minimum charge was $20 BZE ($10 USD). If you do need cash, you can pull it from the ATMs on the island or at the Belize City airport

  • In order to get to San Pedro from Belize City airport, you can take a 2 hour ferry ride (approximately $20) or take a quick 15 minute plane ride with either Maya Island Air or Tropic Air. Either option for the airline is fine. We opted for the plane ride since our trip was so quick. I’m so glad we did because the views were amazing and we got to and from San Pedro so quickly! Note: if you do take the ferry, you also have to catch a cab to the dock (about a 25 minute drive)
  • The sun is STRONG in Belize, make sure you pack sunblock and reapply it as often as you can! Also if you plan to snorkel (which you 100% should) try to bring coral friendly sunblock

  • Swim with the nurse sharks. They are like giant catfish…harmless
  • Bring DEET bug spray. The mosquitos are everywhere in San Pedro and bug spray is pricey
  • Rent a golf cart! If you are wanting to take a trip to Secret Beach or explore the island, rent a golf cart. A fair price is $40-50 a day. Make sure you ask for a bridge pass as well. You need to pay $2.50 USD each time you cross the bridge into the main town. Your golf rental place should give you a bridge pass complimentary

  • Avoid the lakes/lagoons. There are crocodiles in San Pedro. Don’t swim in the lagoons….seriously! There should be no swimming signs to warn you as well
  • San Pedro does get a little smelly since sea grass washes up on the shore. If you go to West side of the island (Secret Beach) you’ll get to avoid it
  • You can bargain prices of most things. Ask for the “best price” and you will often get a 10% discount. This doesn’t usually apply for sit down restaurants
  • Eat as the locals do! One of the resort restaurants had breakfast burritos for $11 USD and a little local shop had some for $2.50 USD. Do as the Roman’s do!
  • Tip! Make sure you tip as you would in the USA. It is greatly appreciated

Have you been to San Pedro before? What tips do you have for first timers? Stay tuned for my next blog post that goes over our itinerary and best eats!

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Happy Traveling!


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