4 Day Travel Itinerary for Rome!

Here is what we did on our 4 day trip to Rome!

Day 1: We landed in Rome (note there are 2 airports in Rome. If you fly with a smaller airline, you may be flying into CIA). Both are about 40 minutes from the city center.

We checked into our centrally located bed and breakfast hotel, the Arch Rome Suites. It was a bit hard to find but once we did, it was amazing! The rooms had great views, were very modern and had AC ( very important in Rome).

We freshened up and headed to our Airbnb experience, an Espresso making class. We enjoyed multiple cups of espresso, pastries and even got to make our own capuchino. Our teacher was so informative and friendly! This was one of our most favorite things we did! Thanks Airbnb experiences!

Afterwards we walked about 20 minutes back to our hotel area and grabbed dinner outside. You really can’t go wrong with any restaurant in Rome that has a patio and pasta.

Lastly, we walked to the Trevi Fountain and enjoyed some Gelato. One of our favorite gelato places was right next to the Trevi Fountain. However, on our first night we went to Venchi, a gelato shop with a dripping chocolate wall.

Day 2: We woke up early and headed to the Colosseum. We purchased a skip the line tour with Viator, which I highly recommend. Without a skip the line tour, you could wait a few hours to get in and having a tour guide is very informative.

Afterwards we got to explore the Roman Forum with our tour group.

Afterwards, we walked to the Spanish steps which was SO crowded and filled with people trying to sell you things. I would skip out on the Spanish Steps. We took it as an opportunity to fill up our water bottle.

Afterwards, we headed to our pizza making class. It was so fun and we got to enjoy dinner and drinks afterwards!

To finish our night! We walked to the Trevi Fountain again and got Gelato!

Day 3: We headed to the Vatican on day 3. Make sure to read our post all about the Vatican!

Afterwards we just strolled around Rome, took photos and of course ate more Gelato!

We then freshened up and went out to get pasta for dinner. We found a place that made homemade noodles and it was to die for!

We then wondered around again and found an amazing place above the canal to watch the sunset, overlooking the State Capital building.

We finished the night with throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain and getting late night pizza!

Day 4: Our last day we decided to eat breakfast and go see the Pantheon, which was only a 3 minute walk from our hotel. The pantheon is free and open 9am-6pm.

We then walked around and saw the Colosseum one last time and then we went into the Victoria Castle and enjoyed views of the city. You can pay a small free to go to the top of the Castle. We were told you can see all of Rome with 360 views!

We ended our trip with one last bowl of carbonara pasta for lunch and headed to the airport!

Rome Tips

1. Don’t buy water in Rome. There are free water fountains all over the city that are delicious!

2. Don’t be tricked by scammers. There will be people around popular attractions trying to sell you things like roses. They put on their charm and once you take the rose they demand money. They can get ugly.

3. Eat all the pasta! Carbonara was our favorite!

4. Make sure to buy skip the line tickets for major attractions to save yourself time and frustration.

5. Wear comfortable shoes. You will walk a lot and you need to have comfortable shoes.

6. Hydrate yourself and take it easy every now and then! It is hot and humid in Rome and you don’t want to dehydrate yourself.

7. Skip the fees of exchanging at a booth your money at the airport and just use an ATM in the city. There are ATMs everywhere! Some debit cards like Capital One don’t have a foreign transaction fee. On this trip we mostly used our Southwest credit card, which doesn’t have foreign transaction fees. This ended up saving us some money!

8. Don’t pay more than 2.5 euros for a small gelato. They are overcharging if it’s more than that, trust me!

9. Don’t eat right next to a major attractions. You will spend may more money! Walk a couple of streets over and the prices dropped 5-8 euros per dish! You shouldn’t pay more than 9-10 euros for a bowl of pasta in Rome.

10. If you fly out of the smaller, CIA airport, the cabs don’t turn on the meter and charge you a flat 30 euro rate. Which is a steal! However they only take cash, so make sure you have it!


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Happy Traveling! 



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