Our Favorite Travel Snacks

When you are traveling it’s always a good idea to pack some snacks or buy some from a convenient store or grocery store while on vacation. You will save money by eating store bought snacks then buying food from vendors in tourist locations. Here’s our go to snack list:

1. Larabars. Delicious and made with real ingredients ! Often times there are only a few ingredients in each bar.

2. Wellabars. These are amazing organic bars made with fresh ingredients . The cranberry crunch is legit crack! Bonus! You can buy them in bulk at Costco!

3. Dried fruit. This is a nice treat to have on a trip and it’s easy to pack. We like to try to find ones without sugar!

4. Gum. I’m not sure if this is a real snack or not but it’s nice to have to keep your breath fresh and to curve your hunger!

5. Trail mix. This is great to have in your backpack when you are touring a town! Just grab a handful and this high protein and fat snack will fill you up! We try not to get ones that have chocolate in it because it will easily melt.

6. Cuties. We LOVE cuties! They are small so they don’t take up space. They are sweet and so easy to peel. We will throw a ton of these in a zip lock bag and just inhale them on the airplane and on our trip.

7. Dried meat. We like to pack beef jerky or jerky sticks. These are high protein as well and are easy to pack!

8. Squeezable apple sauce. Not just for babies, I swear! They are easy to pack, healthy and delicious! We get ours from Trader Joe’s.

We love to pack snacks when we travel. I often feel like we get to a hotel late at night from our long travel date and it’s nice to not have to try to find a snack but just pull one out of your bag!

What do you like to pack as your travel snacks?

Happy Traveling!

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