Sites I always use to book flights

There are an abundance of websites out on the internet that you can use to purchase cheap plane tickets. Here are the ones I like to use:

1. Google flights. I really can’t promote google flights enough! It’s user friendly and so quick to see all your options.

2. Momondo. I usually use Google Flights first to see when cheaper travel dates are and I plug those dates into Momondo and sometimes a cheaper flight will pop up!

3. Cheapoair. I usually do the same thing as I do with Momondo. I search on google flights (because it’s so quick and easy to view prices of flights) and then plug the dates on to see if I can find a cheaper flight. This is the method I used for our ticket to Spain.

4. Expedia. Sometimes you can find a good flight deal on Expedia. Use google flights and you know what’s next, plug in the dates! I mostly use Expedia for hotels, but we can find good flight deal too!

5. Priceline. Same steps as above.

6. The actual airlines website. If you are searching for flights on these various websites, it may be worth it to actually go on the company’s website of the airline you found the deal for. They might be a little bit cheaper on there. However I find this to be rare.

7. Check budget airline websites. If you are flying in the United States, check out Allegiant air, Frontier and Spirit. These airlines are very cheap. You don’t get all the bells and whistles and you pay for your seat selection, carry on, drinks, ect. However, you can often save a ton of money buying a ticket on a budget airline. If you are flying in Europe, check RyanAir or EasyJet. Same scenario as the budget airlines in the U.S.

Note: Sometimes these budget airlines pull up on Google Flights, but not always! If you don’t see these airlines pull up, go directly to their site!

Additional tips:

1. Use an incognito window when you are searching various sites for flights. Your browser will notice that you are looking around for flights and will often jump up the price as you are searching and even can jump up the price you have on a deal you found before searching other sites.

2. If you truly want to save money on airfare it does help to jump around these other sites to see who has the cheapest flight. It may take longer than normal but you can save yourselves a couple of hundred dollars! Once you do it enough it will just be second nature!

3. Look for plane tickets on off days (week nights) and late at night. One time I was looking for a plane ticket back home at like midnight and the ticket was $100. This was $200 cheaper than when I had looked during the day.

4. Take advantage of flight points. Of course you’ll save money by buying a plane ticket with points! 🙂

Other flight saving apps and websites (I am just not as familiar with them):

1. Hopper

2. Hipmunk

3. SkyScanner

4. Airfarewatchdog

5. Flightfox

There really are so many sites out there that you can use! There is no reason to pay for a full price ticket!

Happy Traveling!

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