Thailand Tip #2: How to save money on Food while traveling


I think about my trip to Thailand, every day. It truly was such an amazing and fun trip! So the next thing I want to talk about is FOOD! (Arguably one of the best things about traveling!!!)

There are so many ways to save money while you are traveling. Here is how we saved money, on food, in Thailand.

Well first off, food is already so cheap in Thailand! But, you can be tricked into paying more than is necessary. Don’t pay more than 100 baht a person for a meal, because you can find the same food, for a LOT cheaper!

1. Pack Snacks! Anywhere we travel, I always have us pack snacks like fruit, granola bars, ect. it really saves your time and money, in a crunch! If you need something to hold you over, grabbing a snack out of your backpack, is a lot better of an option, then buying something off of food stand. My go to snacks are : Trader Joes Bananas Chips, Lara Bars and fruit strips!

2. Go to the grocery store! Thailand street food and vendors are already cheap, but the grocery store is even cheaper! We walked through one for fun, and found everything we bought out on the streets, or in convenience stores, were 3x more! The grocery stores are SUPER clean and you can get a much better deal there.

3. When in doubt, find a 7/11. I am not joking when I say, you can find a 7/11 on every corner! 7/11 was our lifesaver, and we went there everyday! We stocked up on water bottles here (you MUST drink water from a bottle in Thailand) and you could buy a bottle for under 10 baht, which is a STEAL! Also, if you are not feeling so good, you can get medicine here or “comfort food” (foods you can recognize and not have to guess what you are eating).

4. Street Food. SO CHEAP. If you walk past something and want to eat it, buy it and enjoy it! We ate street food, all the time! It was so much cheaper than a sit down restaurant. We paid for the BEST pad thai I have ever had, on the street for around 60 baht a plate. But, any restaurant you go to, would charge you around 120 baht per place. Go with the street food, always!

5. Sketchy, hole-in-the-wall restaurants. DO IT! You will not regret it! Our friend that came with us, found this little family owned restaurant by our hotel, and it was AMAZING! So AMAZING, that Karolis ordered 3 plates of food. We got 3 plates of food and 3 drinks for 120 Baht!!! We wished we did this more often, while we were there. We would have spent less and tried amazing food! The food here, was the best food I had in Thailand. So don’t be afraid to go into those sketchy restaurants, they are a lot cheaper and will taste super authentic.

6. This is Karolis’ tip. Boil water in your hotel room, so you do not have to buy bottle water. Imma say , no on this one (this is Emily). The water is SO cheap there, just buy the bottles, ok?

7. Share food. Often times on vacation, you order WAY too much food, and most of the time, you  are living on the go and cannot save leftovers. So just share your plates. If you are still hungry after one serving, then feel free to order a second plate. We always do this on vacation and usually one serving is enough for us! or one serving and an appetizer

One thing to “splurge” on, if you can even call this “splurging” in Thailand:

ROOM SERVICE! SO SO SO Cheap! seriously! We ordered 2 meals and an app, for $9 (including the taxes and tip). Yes that is more money than you would spend on food down in the streets. But honestly, if you are tired and just do not want to go out, order in. You would pay easily over $60 for the same meal in the US, so treat yo self!!

Here are some of our favorite foods we had in Thailand. E-is my fav, K-is Karolis’ fave, EK-is both of ours!

Mango Smoothies-EK
Meat on a stick, any kind of meat at all -K
Pad Thai-EK
Mango Smoothies-EK
Cashew Chicken-EK
Mango Sticky Rice-EK

Mango Smoothies-EK-have I said mango Smoothies already?! They are CRACK!!
Tom Yum Soup-E
Fried Rice with Chicken-E
Fried Pineapple-K
High Chew Sours -E
DO NOT eat Durian-just trust me

We love Thailand and we hope you all go someday too! It was the BEST vacation ever!

Have you ever been to Thailand? What was your favorite food?
“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” – Roy M. Goodman

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