Honest Chloe Ting 2 week shred review

Hello Traveller’s!

In the current world we live in, we often have to be creative about staying in shape. I came across the YouTuber , Chloe Ting, and her free workout plans! She has a popular 2 week shred program that I decided to do.

Overview of the program

The program is 14 days long with 2 rest days. Each day the workout ranges from 25-40 minutes long. She has 5 different videos that she pairs up for different days. You always do 2 videos, “Do this everyday to lose weight” and “Abs in 2 weeks”.

My experience

When I started the challenge, it KILLED me! I could barely do day 1 which was only 2 videos! And the next day I was SO sore, I could barely walk! I noticed as I did the challenge, I was getting stronger and the workouts weren’t as hard! However, I did always get a good sweat going and would feel tired at the end of every workout! However, after the first few days, I was not as sore!

The Good

I loved how this program was free and on YouTube! I really liked how easy the workout was to follow and that she kept a progress bar at the top of the video so you knew how much longer the workout was.

I really enjoyed her “Lower Body Burn” video and I will definitely be adding that video into my workout cycle. I also did not mind the daily “Do this everyday to lose weight”. It got a little repetitive but it was a great, quick cardio workout to get me sweating. She does offer modifications for some of the moves and I definitely did them and still felt like I got a good workout in again. I have to admit, I was never able to do her dreaded up/down planks.

The “Bad”

So I do not want to discourage you from trying this workout challenge but there was a few things I did not like!

Sometimes it was boring to do the same videos over and over again, especially when she repeats certain moves in multiple videos. She LOVES to have you do up/down planks, bicycle crunches, burpees, hip dips… to just name a few!

I honestly hated her “get that 11 abs in 35 days” workout and dreaded anytime I had to do it. I think why I hated it so much was because she makes you do the exercise for 40 seconds instead of 30 seconds that she does in all her other videos. I also was not a huge fan of her “Core & Arms” video , but she doesn’t have you do that one as much.

My Final Thoughts

I would say go for this challenge! It is hard and will push you! By the end of the challenge, I felt stronger, especially in my legs and butt! I didn’t loose too much weight, but that is on me because I didn’t have a great diet. Being in quarantine has made me not strict with my diet AT ALL! 😂

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5 thoughts on “Honest Chloe Ting 2 week shred review

  1. Sonali

    I also did this challenge a few days ago and I loved it! It gave me confidence I didn’t think I would ever have. I would also definitely recommend that people try at least one of the videos.


  2. I am doing the challenge and its awesome. I love working out now more. I am sure some visible changes will come up. Even for me, the up-down plank was terrible. but now I am able to do it . Thank you for the article. keeps me motivated.


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