The Total Twilight Experience: Forks, Washington

If you loved Twilight growing up, then you know that the books took place in Forks, Washington. Forks is a small town located almost at the border of Canada and Washington.

I recently moved to Washington and knew that Forks had to be a weekend trip for me! It is a bit of a trek (3.5 hours from Seattle) but it’s totally worth it if you are a twihard 🧛🏻‍♀️


There is limited lodging in Forks, but if you want the full twilight experience, I would recommend staying at one of the following:

  • Pacific Inn Motel, this is right on the Main Street and they have Twilight themed rooms. This is where we stayed! We paid $120/ night

  • Miller Tree Inn and Bed and Breakfast (aka the Cullen House) you can rent a room in this B&B! This house was the inspiration for the Cullen House in the books!
  • Jacob Blacks Vacation Rental. You can actually book the home that was the inspiration for Jacob Blacks House!

Twilight Tour

You are able to do a self driving tour in Forks. You can see all the locations that were Stephanie Meyers inspiration for the books! Note: the movies were NOT filmed there, here is a link to the movie sites (

When you come into Forks, make sure you stop at their town sign to get a photo!

Start off at the Forks Chamber of Commerce. This is a good place to start as you can get free maps for your tour route and they can provide additional information! This is also where you can see Bella’s Truck!

I would also recommend doing the small Rainforest loop behind the commerce building!

Next, you’ll want to drive up the road and stop at Olympic Outfitters, where Bella worked!

Next you’ll want to swing by Forks High School

Then you can stop by the Forks Police station (they have a Twilight display in the lobby) and the Water office (they have a free goodie for you).

Next door, is the Cullen House (the B&B that you can rent a room in).

Next, you can drive over to the Forks Hospital and see where Dr.Cullen parks!

Finally, you can see Bella’s house. But please do not disturb the home owners of this house!

At the end of the town, you can stop by the Forever Twilight museum. This is a FREE museum to tour and they have movie articles like the wedding benches from the movie!

Next stop, is La Push Beach/ Werewolf town! As you drive to La Push, you’ll pass the Treaty line and Jacob Blacks home!

I would recommend checking out Beach #1 and then doing the hike down to Beach #2

If you have time, make sure to check out the Hoh Rainforest on your way out!


The town of forks doesn’t have a ton of places to eat, but I would recommend stopping by the Diner, Sullys for a burger and vampire teeth 😉

In the town of Port Angles , you can dine at Bella Italia, the location of Bell and Edwards first date! You can get Bella’s signature dish, the Mushroom Ravioli. I do have to say, they have an amazing Caesar salad!

We really enjoyed our time in Forks and living out our teen dreams! Have you been to Forks before? If not, does this make you want to go?! 😂🧛🏻‍♀️

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Happy Traveling!


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