Austin’s Best Eats (as of October 2019)

As you know, we have been living in Austin, Texas since 2018. While Austin is known for it’s live music, it is also known for it’s food! I swear there is at least 3 new restaurants opening up in Austin every week. So, we have lot of places to choose from! Here is the places we have tried so far and liked.

Austin is divided into 5 sections, North, West, East, South and Downtown. So I am going to divide up the list by each section as well!

North Austin

  • Chuy’s Mexican Food (Fast and Affordable)

This is a chain restaurant but was founded in Austin! They have the best enchiladas and creamy ranch dip for chips!

  • Bakery Loraine

This is a cute bakery/cafe in the Domain that’s the perfect stop for brunch! Make sure to try their famous homemade pop tart!

  • Fat Dragon (Affordable)

OMG. So good! This Chinese restaurant is a little hole in the wall place with the best soup dumplings and chow mien. It is decently priced and you get large portions! You HAVE to get their coconut chocolate soup dumplings for dessert. Seriously the BEST dessert I have ever had.


  • Taco Deli (affordable)

Another taco chain restaurant but it is so good! I love their taco salad.

  • Robakatsu

This is in an Asian grocery store in the middle of a cool food round up! I got their spicy katsu and it was so good just pretty spicy for me!

  • Velvet Taco (affordable)

This may be my favorite taco in Austin! The menu has a lot of fun and unique items. I really loved their bacon and egg taco and the coconut curry queso

  • Soto (expensive but worth it)

This is an AMAZING sushi place in a strip mall. Don’t get turned off by the surroundings, this place is amazing! They serve their food in such a unique way and really nail the flavors! Get the fire salmon and toro!

  • Nervous Charlie’s

This is a bagel sandwich place that is known for their fried chicken bagel! Such a fun little place!

  • Himalayan Koshell

This is a great little restaurant that has amazing curry and momo! Make sure to come for their buffet lunch.

  • Me So Poke

Holy moly! Best poke bowl! They have so many fresh and delicious ingredients and you can make your own bowl!

  • Kerby Lane

This famous Austin diner is all over the city and has such a delicious and wide range of diner food! I’m obsessed with their baked potato omelet and guess what?! It under 400 calories!

South Austin

  • Cafe No Se

This cute cafe is located right on south congress street and is connected to the south congress hotel! They have a stunning and healthy menu. I would recommend the stuffed French toast or the oatmeal pancakes!

  • Kemuri Tatsu-Ya (Pricey, fun environment)

This restaurant is a little pricey but it is worth it! They have delicious BBQ asian food. With fun cocktails and unique dishes, this is a must see! Get the marinated jellyfish. It sounds strange but is SO good!


  • Quezzas

This is one of my favorite food trucks. The food is so unique and delicious! They make quesadilla pizzas!! They deliver too.

  • Wholly Cow Burgers

This is a little hole in the wall restaurant in a convenient store! They serve up organic, local, grass fed burgers and even have paleo options!

  • Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs

Juicy snowcones, what more can I say?!


West Austin

  • Madam Mam (Affordable and large portions)

This is our favorite thai food in Austin! They are super affordable and have HUGE portions. Get the F11 and thank me later 🙂

  • Austin Tea Exchange

This is a SUPER cute restaurant with tons of ice teas to choose from and delicious healthy food! I’m obsessed with their sweet potato bowl!

  • Shake 512

Now this is a bit of a trek to get to but the lakefront views make it worth it! My favorite thing on the menu was their steak kabobs

  • Tadashi (Pricey)

This is my favorite sushi place in Austin for 2 reasons: the Hot Spring Roll (a riceless roll sitting in a sweet chili sauce…I am literally drooling as I am writing this) and their spicy edamame sauce (get the sauce on the side so you can control the spice!)


  • Little Greek (Affordable)

This little greek restaurant is a hidden gem and is always packed! Make sure to get their Greek Salad with gyro meat (the potato salad on top is AMAZING!).

  • Tony Cs

A pizza shop that has delicious options and great week day deals!

  • Baguette et Chocolat

This is a cute little authentic French cafe with delicious pastries and sandwiches!

  • Cho Sushi

Another great sushi place with some Texas spin on their rolls (like a beef roll with shredded potatoes on top). This isn’t my favorite sushi place but the prices are pretty good!

  • Wild Bar and Kitchen

This is a fun restaurant that has a full put put course and bar! We really enjoyed their unique menu and their s’mores dessert bar!

  • Torchy’s (found all over Austin just FYI)

This taco shop has some fun and unique tacos! Every month they do a special taco. Like for thanksgiving they had a turkey and cranberry one! Make sure you get their queso…so goo!


  • Treaty Oaks (fun environment)

This fun distillery is a great place to bring families and just kick back and relax. They have great drinks and delicious food! We love to get their brisket queso, pickled veggies and charcuterie board!

  • Lucy’s Fried Chicken (affordable and large portions)

I was so shocked by Lucy’s! It is tucked away on 620 road but is right on the lake and has a perfect view for the sunset! They have a very fun environment and an affordable menu with HUGE portions!

  • P Terry’s (affordable)

This is a chain burger place that can be found all around Austin, I love that their beef is organic and you can taste the difference! I would even dare to say they have the best fast food burger in Austin! ( Don’t attack me but I HATE whataburger…lol)


  • Gordough’s Donuts (affordable)

This fun and popular food truck has amazing donuts with every topping you can think of! My favorite is the Sin-A-Bomb or the strawberry and cream cheese one! These donuts are HUGE and can be shared between 2-3 people, easily. Also the line can get long on the weekends and nights


  • Bar Peached (fun environment)

I LOVE Bar Peached! It’s a Texas Japanese fusion place that really has a unique but delicious menu and super fun drinks! Make sure to get the Bahn Mi tacos, the Brussels sprouts, the pasta and the cheese corn. The style is family style so portions are perfect to share with a group!

  • Chi Chi’s Food Truck (affordable)

This food truck is a New York garbage plate. The portions are HUGE and the plates are cheap! The owner is super nice and keeps her truck open late, making this place the perfect post-night-out place to hit up! Their portions are huge and can be shared between 2 people.


  • Burro Cheese Kitchen

This is another food truck that is on rainy street (next to the best circus themed bar- it has a slide in it!). They have a mac in cheese grilled cheese! WHAT?!

  • Wayside ATX

This is a good truck next to a dive bar with everything waffles! They have waffle burgers, chicken and waffles and more!

  • Glory Hole Hotdogs

This is a fun spin on Hotdogs! Located on Rainey street and open late, this is a good post night out meal! Make sure to try their ramen hotdog and Mac and cheese hotdog!

  • Flower Child (healthy)

This is a great healthy option right by Lake Bird Lake. Everything I have had here has been so good and makes me feel super energized!

  • Churro Co Austin (affordable)

This is a fun good truck that only serves churros! It’s a fun little place! We really liked their camp fire one. Portions are big enough to share.

  • Hop Doddy Burgers (best burger)

Ok I’m not sure why it took me so long to try Hop Doddy but WOW!! Their burgers are so juicy and they have such a variety of burgers that will fit any diet (they have impossible burgers too!). Get their margarita during happy hour, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Bird Bird Biscuit (fun environment)

This shop surprised me! They have a small menu of fried chicken biscuit sandwiches (think chick fil a’s breakfast) but it was SO good and they make the chicken fresh on the spot! I enjoy the Queen Beak which included a cayenne black pepper honey and bacon infused chipotle mayo. HOLY CRAP!


  • Tumble 22

Another food truck that serves Nashville hot chicken. We enjoyed their sandwich. Gert extra ranch because that chicken is SPICY!


  • Loro

A fun restaurant that has the BEST happy hour! They do $4 boozy cocktails and delicious snacks. I LOVE their wantons with the spicy green sauce. They also have fun swings and chairs to sit on and enjoy your drinks!


  • La BBQ (LONG Wait)

La BBQ is a very popular bbq place in Austin right now! It’s a women run bbq joint which made me like it even more! Just know you will have to wait a LONG time, we waited almost 3 hours. Make sure you get their brisket, it’s the best I’ve had in Austin!

As you can see, I have already tried so much delicious food in Austin and I have barely scratched the surface! I will be updating this list as I try more places that I like! I have tried more places but I am not including ones that I was not super impressed with.

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