12 Hours in NYC!!!

Find yourself with a day or layover in NYC? Get out and explore the city! We had 12 hours in NYC before we had to catch our flight back home. We have been to NYC many times in the past so we avoided some major attractions this time. There’s so much to do in NYC you can’t go wrong! Here’s what we did!

9 am

We arrived in the city with no car. So that means all day we walked and used the Metro! We needed to drop off our bags. We used Schwartz luggage storage since they had the best reviews and the latest pick up time (11pm). They charge you $10 a bag and you just pay in cash. They do have an ATM in their store.

9:30 am

Catch the metro ($2.75 a person so make sure you load up enough on your metrocard for the day). And get off at Central Park, grab a bagel or pastry and walk around the park. There are performers and vendors around the park too!

10:30 am

Catch the metro to the World Trade Center and view the memorial. They have a museum and the Freedom Tower as well. We did not have time those.

11:30 am

Walk to lunch! We went to Emily’s. They are known for their Detroit style pizza and their famous Emmy burger on a pretzel bun!


Catch the metro to Times Square and walk through the stores. Our favorites are The Disney Store, the M&M store and Forever 21.

1:30 pm

Walk over to broadway and get in line for your matinee show. You should buy your tickets in advance! I like to use Today’s Tix. They have discounted tickets for purchase and they make it simple to pick them up! You meet them 30 minutes prior to the show starting and they provide detailed instructions on how to find their workers!


Once your show is over you will want to go grab dinner! NYC truly has amazing food and restaurants! Maybe stop by Blacktap for pizza, burgers and crazy milkshakes!

6:30 pm

Head over to the Rockefeller center and walk around. You can purchase a ticket to ride the elevator to the top (Top of the Rock)! Or go ice skating in front of the Rockefeller center. Grab dessert and enjoy your last few hours in NYC. This area also has the LEGO store and Tiffany and Co!

7:30 pm

Catch the metro and pick up your bags. If you are flying out of LaGuardia then you can catch the Express A train to the airport! Plan for an hour of travel via metro.

And that was our day in NYC. There is so much more you can see- Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Highlands. So if you are going to NYC just make a list of what you want to see! Just make sure you plan accordingly for travel time either via metro, walking or taxi! Have fun!

-Happy Travels!


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2 thoughts on “12 Hours in NYC!!!

  1. I totally did not know about the luggage storage service! What a great idea! I really love NYC. When I first went there, I wasn’t a fan, so it’s been a steadily growing love. I’d love to make NYC a yearly trip–for a weekend or long weekend. For me, it’s great in small doses. Last time I was there, we went to private room karaoke (so fun!) and went to a taping of Late Night with Stephen Colbert (highly recommend!!).

    I love that you went to a restaurant with your name!! How was the pizza? Also, since it’s Detroit-style, you must now come to Detroit and compare the two! 😀

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