Hair Essentials for Traveling

When I travel I feel like my hair is always on bad behavior. So here is what I bring to help maintain it and get it looking decent:

1. A wet hair brush. I use Bath Pack’s wet hairbrush (it’s only $5)!!

2. A straightener. You can use a straightener to both straight and curl your hair in a variety of ways. No need to bring both with you!

3. An adapter if you are traveling out of the county. What use is there to bring a straightener if you don’t have an adapter! Check out our “Travel Essentials” page to see which brand I use!

4. Hair Straightening oil. When I am traveling, sometimes my hair just needs a little help to be less frizzy. I use this hair straightening oil after I take a shower

5. Hair tries and Bobby pins

6. Moroccan oil. If you are in a dry climate or swimming in the ocean, bring some oil to rehydrate your hair.

7. Hair straightening shampoo and conditioner

That’s it! I like to keep my hair simple while I travel. My hair is always either in a braid, a bun or curled and pulled half way up.

What do you do to keep your mane tamed on vacation?

Happy Traveling!

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3 thoughts on “Hair Essentials for Traveling

  1. I’ve heard a lot about Moroccan oil but haven’t used it (or anything like it yet). Maybe I’ll pick up a small bottle next time I’m at TJMaxx. 🙂 When I’m on vacation, I like to keep everything as simple as possible–so I always go for a haircut within a couple weeks of going and then I bring along my mini straighter (for my bangs, mainly), hair dryer, dry shampoo, and pomade for quick, easy styling. If I feel like being really simple, then I’ll usually just dry my hair so that it’s parted and behind my ears and away from my face–or I’ll wear a hat! 🙂


    1. Love! Having a simple hair style when traveling is essential! If you want to try Moroccan oil, target has a small tube for $1ish, that way you can try before you get a bigger bottle. You only need to use about 1/2 a dime amount…and avoid your roots or they will get oily!

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