How to work full time and travel!

I have a full time job and I also travel at least once a month. How is this possible?! Here are a few tips I have for you:

1. Take advantage of your weekends and paid holidays. Going on a quick weekend trip with your Saturday and Sunday is easy! Pick a destination that is easy to fly to or a few hour drive away. I always take advantage of long holiday weekends and try to make a trip. Using this method makes it so you don’t have to use any PTO.

2. Speaking of PTO, use it! Most companies don’t roll your full PTO hours every year. Use your PTO and take those Bucketlist trips!

3. Roadtrips. Like I mentioned above, road trips are super easy to squeeze in on the weekends. You can control your own schedule and you will save time by skipping out on airport lines.

4. Utilize business trips. When I get to travel for business, I make sure to explore the city I am in, after work hours. You will have your hotel paid for and your travel meals so this is a cheap option of traveling. All you’ll have to pay for is activities and transportation costs!

5. Visit family. Visiting family is a cheaper way to travel. They will often let you stay with them and that will cut your costs. Plus it will be so nice to see your family and hang out with them. This is how we made our trip to Sweden and Denmark so affordable!

6. Explore your own cities! Go be a tourist in your own city and surrounding cities. You can “travel” for the day and not even spend a dime on hotel costs (unless you want to splurge and have a fun staycation). We love to do this anywhere we live! It makes it so fun to learn more about what our city has to offer!

Bonus! Money saving tips.

I already have another blog post about saving money for trips, but here is a quick list!

1. Get an airline credit card. This will give you free flight points! We use the southwest card.

2. Get cash back credit cards like Discover and use your cash back for your travels!

3. Use shopping apps to reward your for shopping. Apps like Ibotta will reward you for the grocery shopping you already do!

4. Sell unneeded clothes and home items at thrift stores, garage sales and on Facebook market place. I have made a good amount of money by doing just this!!

5. Stay in, don’t go out. Have a movie night at home and save that money you would have used on a date night in a travel piggy bank. It will add up!

6. Sign up for Google Rewards and take their surveys! You may only get .10-.40 per question but once you hit $2 it gets deposited right into your PayPal. Easy money!

I hope these tips help you be able to travel more!

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~Happy Traveling


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