How to Treat a Sunburn

When on vacation it’s bound to happen that you’ll get a sunburn. And a bad sunburn can ruin your whole vacation! Here’s what you can do to help prevent and reduce your sunburn while on vacation:

1. Lather up with Aloe Vera. Cool it in the fridge to help release heat from your burn.

2. Take COLD showers and baths

3. Soak in a oatmeal or baking soda bath

4. Drink LOTS of water

5. Avoid fried and greasy foods. Eat more fruit and vegetables

6. Limit the amount of sun exposure your skin will get

7. Cover up. Where a swim shirt when in the pool and ocean

8. Constantly reapply sunscreen and wait for it to dry before getting into the water

9. Avoid sun oil as that can lead to your skin burning

10. Use coconut oil and lavender oil to heal heal your burn faster.(packing lavender oil is always a good idea as it helps you relax and sleep better too!)

Have you ever had a bad sunburn from vacation before? What did you do?

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Happy Traveling!


3 thoughts on “How to Treat a Sunburn

  1. AD123

    Many, many years ago in a teen magazine, a dermatologist recommended using a washcloth soaked in milk as a compress on sunburn. Something in the milk takes the burning pain out of sunburn. Let the milk warm up a bit (very cold milk stings), soak the washcloth, wring it out slightly and lay it on the sunburned areas for as long as possible. It doesn’t take much milk. I usually do this in the tub or shower and rinse off afterwards. I’ve used a hand towel on larger areas. It works every time! Be sure to wash the towel soon afterwards so it doesn’t sour. 🙂


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