My Top 5 Favorite Travel Apps

1. Airbnb

For cheaper lodging than most hotels. The app is user-friendly and the app is easier to communicate with your host compared to email. Use my link for $15 off your first Airbnb!

2. Hotels Tonight

If you do want to stay in a hotel, use Hotels tonight. You can get a cheaper rate for a last minute booking of a hotel! You can book hotels in advance, you just won’t get as great of a deal.

3. Good Translate

We love this app! Makes traveling abroad so much easier with the language barrier. For example, if you need to translate a menu, use the app to take a picture and watch the menu translate in front of you eyes within seconds! Totally a game changer!

4. Units Plus

This is a free app on the App Store and I am sure you can find others out there. I love this app because it converts the currency of any country into USD. Good to know if you should spend $4 on a chocolate bar or not!

5. Google Maps

If you won’t have data overseas, consider using google maps and downloading maps of the areas you will be exploring. You then can use google maps offline just as if you were using data! This was a lifesaver for us in Thailand!


I use way more than 5 travel apps, but the ones listed above our my most used. Here are some others I like as well:



-Airline apps

-Hotel loyalty apps



-Lightroom CC

-Uber (use my link for a $5 off!

– Lyft ( Use my code for a $10 credit “EMILY347844” )

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Happy Traveling! 


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