A day trip to Segovia

A medieval town with German vibes and a Roman aqueduct with 160 arches….where are you!? Segovia of course!

Just 96 km from Madrid (a little over an hour drive) through the mountains, is the beautiful town of Segovia. This town is the perfect day trip while visiting Madrid!

There is plenty of parking in Segovia, so feel free to drive. The town is small enough that you can park and walk around everywhere. In the main square is the beautiful aqueduct with 160 arches that was used, back in the day, to bring water into the town. With plenty of shops, restaurants and the tourist center, it’s a great place to begin your visit to Segovia.

Afterwards, climb up the stairs to get a view above the arches, you won’t want to miss it!

Next stroll around the streets and get lost! You will run into a number of churches.

Make sure to stop in the local shops to see the unique items for sale and grab an ice cream to enjoy on your tour of the city!

Make sure you don’t miss the famous crown shaped Cathedral, the Segovia Cathedral. It is 3 Euros to enter and you won’t be disappointed. You can wonder the halls and see amazing views. If you pay 4 more euros, you can schedule a tour to climb the top of the Bell tower. All the proceeds go to renovating the cathedral.

Your last stop will be at the Alcazor castle. It looks like it is straight out of a Disney movie! You can pay to enter the castle or just enjoy the views from the edge of the city!

Finally go to the square by the Segovia Cathedral and enjoy a meal while listening to a live band.

Make sure you don’t miss Segovia on your trip to Madrid!

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Happy Traveling! 


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