Island Hopping in Ibizia, for Free!

Ibizia, Spain is a beautiful Mediterranean island off the coast of Barcelona. This island is known for its partying and DJ shows, which can come with a hefty price tag. But what a lot of people don’t know is you can actually spend a few days on Ibizia and not spend a dime! Plus you get to enjoy the 25+ beaches the island has to offer!

The beaches on Ibizia are free to enter and if you have a car, you can park just a few feet away for free as well! We stayed in the northern part of the island, which is where the resorts are at. Our resort was all inclusive so our food was free. Ibizia was the place we spent the least amount of money. Crazy, I know!

We spent a day island hopping and made it to 8 beaches out of the 25 there are on the island. Each beach was different from the one before. We mapped them out and put what was unique about them, so you don’t have to search for which ones you want to see! We mostly explored the North, East and West parts of the island.

Beach #1:Port de Sant Miquel

This beach was the beach that we overlooked from our hotel. It was definitely more family friendly, as it had a lot of children. The cove was beautiful and there were a lot of water activities you could rent to do. We rented a double kayak for 15 euros and explored the cove for an hour. The water was crystal clear! This beach is good for families, those who want to hike (lots of trails and some caves to hike to) and for explorers.

Beach #2: Cala De Sant Vincent

This beach was just a few minutes away from #1. I enjoyed this one the most because it had a huge sand bar that was crystal clear to see through as well. I enjoyed this one the most to swim in. Please note that from here on out, each beach had a ton of nudist. Just a heads up 🙂

Beach #3: Portinatx

This beach was in the middle of a little town. We believe there were more locals at this beach. There were also a lot of markets by this beach with cheap snacks! This was another great beach to swim in. However there were a TON of large fish who liked to run into you, so for warning! Also because of the fish, there were a lot of people fishing.

Beach #4: Cala Xarraca

This was a beach that was more East of the island on our way to San Antonio. This is where the beaches started to get more rockier with pebbles instead of sand. This one was a secret beach we found with locals relaxing. It was quite small and had a restaurant above it.

Beach #5: San Juan, Islas Baleares

We liked to call this one the sesame seed beach. The pebble sand looked like sesame seeds. This beach also had a TON of sea glass! We enjoyed searching for them!

Beach #6: Elements Ibiza

This was a LARGE beach that had a few restaurants next to it with amazing drinks! This is also a beach that had a hippy market.

Beach #7: Cala Salada

This beach was another little secret one that we had to drive through a forest to get to. Unfortunately the sun was setting so it was too cold for us to swim in!

Beach #8: Cala Comte

This was the last beach we had time for and we got to enjoy the sunset at it! This is the most Western point on the island and it was the BEST place to enjoy the sunset at. The parking was a little more difficult at this beach. They also had a beautiful restaurant over the cliffs that looked amazing as well.

Spending time on Ibiza doesn’t need to be expensive or partying. Just jump in a car and beach hop. You won’t be disappointed!

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Happy Traveling! 


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