What I pack on my carryon

When you are traveling international you want to be as comfortable as possible right?! So that means you should stuff your carryon with tons of snacks, books, entertainment so it’s 50 pounds of comfort right?! Wrong!!


You really don’t need to pack much on your carry on for international travel, just some basics. With modern technology, most airplanes have build in tablets loaded with tv shows, movies, games, music and even a live map of your flight. Because of this, you don’t need to worry about bringing your own tablet on the airplane to entertain yourself. Plus this reduces the chance of it getting stolen or lost.

With how occupied you’ll be with your built in tablet, you often don’t need to bring additional books and magazines to read. I used to bring so much to do on the plane, that I would never end up using anything and I was just lugging around extra weight my whole trip. Trust me when I say pack less. You won’t be bored on the plane.

Food and Drinks

International flights also provide plenty of food and drinks for you. You often get a dinner, breakfast and unlimited drinks. You’ll never get thirsty with how much water, wine, tea, coffee and soda that will be offered for you. Still thirsty?! Just call the flight attendant over to you and they’ll be happy to bring you something. Take advantage of long flights and load up on your amenities.

My list of must have items:

Here is the list of what I pack on my carry on

1. Headphones. You’ll need these to listen to movies. If you forget them, the airline will most likely have some cheap ones for you to use. But they are NOT comfortable. But they’ll do the job!

2. A large scarf. This is my MVP item. Get a large scarf that you can wrap around yourself if you get cold, or cover your head if you need to block out light and noise to sleep. Plus they are so cute! Men if you don’t want a scarf just pack a light blanket.

3. Passports. Obviously…

4. Sanitary wipes. Wipe down your surface, clean your hands after you eat, ect. You get the point.

5. Toothbrush. It’s nice to refresh before you land.

6. A pair of socks. With long flights it’s so nice to take off your shoes and wear some comfy socks, especially if you swell in flight.

7. A phone charger. Most airplanes have outlets and USB ports in them now! Take advantage of charging up your phone before you land.

8. Basic toiletries. If you feel gross on the plane, bring some face wipes, deodorant, ect to help you feel fresh. Not always necessary but nice for longer and overnight flights.

9. Medicine. Always have some kind of sleep aid (Dramamine, melatonin, ect) because you never know if you need a little help to relax and sleep. I always bring ibuprofen as well because you never know when you’ll be achy!

10. The last and one of the most important items to bring…your neck pillow! This will help you relax on an international flight.

So what do you think? Are these good items? What are your most bring items in your carry on?

Happy Traveling!

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