Fort Worth Day Trip

This past weekend I had to go to Fort Worth for a business trip. So of course, we turned it into a mini vacation and explored the city! Here’s what we did:

We got to Fort Worth in the afternoon and checked into our hotel. We first hit up the Fort Worth botanical gardens. 90% of the gardens are free and there is tons to explore. If you want to go into the green house it is $7 a person. We opted to just walk the grounds.

Up next were the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. There is tons of shopping, food and historic sites here. We enjoyed walking around and seeing unique things to by (like bacon jerky) and then we watched the daily walking of the cattle at 4pm. This is done twice a day and is free to the public. The cowboys just walk the cattle down the main road. Every Friday and Saturday night there is a rodeo here as well!Next were the Fort Worth Water Gardens. This was a beautiful and quiet area with 4 different water features and tons of places to sit. We enjoyed the quietness and wished we had brought a book to read and enjoy, on the steps. Last stop for us in Fort Worth was Sundance Square. This is a fun area with food, shopping, shows and a main square with a splash pad for kids! We went to the taco diner and got ceviche for our app and salads for the main course. Even though we were on diets when we ate here, the food was pretty good and the view was amazing! We got to sit right in the square! The taco diner has a ton of variety of tacos, salads and more. Their green complimentary salsa is amazing! Do not miss out on that!So that was our quick stop in Fort Worth! We didn’t have much time in between work to explore but we tried to make the most out of it! What did we miss in Fort Worth? Have you been?

Happy Traveling!

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