San Antonio Day 2 & 3

The continuation of the San Antonio 3 day travel itinerary! Check out our previous post to see what we did on Day 1, it was packed!

Day 2

For day 2 we decided to sleep in and go over to Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe. They are known for their 3 pound cinnamon rolls ( you may have seen the video circulate around Facebook) and fried chicken steak, so we had to go!

We arrived around 8:45am and that was the perfect time to come. We sat ourselves at the bar and ordered coffee. When we left there was a HUGE line and a long wait. I would say to try to get here before 9 am for breakfast.

Karolis and I ordered the cinnamon roll to share and a few breakfast tacos. They brought out the cinnamon roll first and it was overwhelmingly gigantic! We had fun taking some pictures and only ate a slice of it. Kind of a waste. But it was pretty good and can honestly be shared with a huge party. The cinnamon roll is $12. It was fun to sit at the bar and see the hustle and bustle of the servers moving to get cinnamon rolls out, they are a big deal!

The breakfast tacos were pretty good too! We wrapped up our cinnamon roll (even though we never ate it again..ha) and drove 10 minutes to the El Mercado.

The El Mercado is a Hispanic marketplace with tons of food and stores. There is really cheap parking over there, $5 for all day. I would suggest parking over there because it’s only a 5 minute walk to the river walk. We went pretty early so the market was pretty empty. We had fun walking around the stores and looking at the bright colors of souvenirs.

Afterwards, we walked to the Cathedral of San Fernando. This Cathedral is beautiful and has a nice sitting area out front with splash pads, that we enjoyed just sitting in front of for a while. Unfortunately, there was a service going when we went so we didn’t really get to go inside.

Next we decided to go down to the Riverwalk (right next to the Cathedral) and walk the non- busy part of the Riverwalk. We decided to walk 1.5 miles to the art district. It was fun and relaxing to see the fun artwork that is built into the Riverwalk and enjoy the quiet, as this part of the Riverwalk is not as popular. We started to get into the residential side of the Riverwalk and we heard laughter and music. We stumbled upon this really cool, outdoor restaurant called, The Luxury. We decided to split some fries and sit on the swings looking out at the Riverwalk. This restaurant was super fun!

Afterwards, we walked across the street to a local coffee shop called Rosella. They are known for putting a shot of whisky in their coffee. We opted for normal coffee and a chai. They also serve food and have free WiFi. It was a cool and hip shop where you could tell all the locals in the neighborhood spend their time. When we travel, we love to find where the locals like to go!

We then decided to walk back on the Riverwalk to our car, to go and relax at the hotel before dinner. We enjoyed taking our time back, watching the ferry taxis go through the lock and dam and finding geocaches (check out the app, a super fun activity to do on hikes and vacations).

After relaxing at our hotel and getting ready, we drove over to the Havana hotel to try out their new and hip restaurant, Ocho. We had a reservation for the hotel and were seated immediately. We LOVED this restaurant! It was so bright and fun and made us feel like we were in Cuba for the night. They had funky music playing and a Cuban movie playing outside. We got to sit right next to the window, so we could look at the river walk. We ordered two mojitos (their signature drink) and fried plantains for our app. They were SO good!

I ordered the citrus salad with shrimp and my hubby got the Cuban sandwich. Both of which were super good, I would highly recommend this place! We noticed they had a brunch menu as well that looked affordable and delicious, we want to go back and try sometime!

Also, make sure to check out their restrooms there, they are so unique! And the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot..ha!

You could walk down to the Riverwalk from the restaurant but we decided to park closer to the Cathedral to watch their night light show. Since it was Sunday, we were able to park right next to the Cathedral for free. The light show was done by the world renown French artist, Xavier De Richemont. The show is free and seating is first come, first serve. This is a popular attraction so it will get packed (it was for us on the off season, Sunday night and was still packed). The show runs 3 times a night (9, 930 and 10), four nights a week and is 25 minutes long. Check out their website for more information.

The show was very moving and showed Texas history. The show is 25 minutes long, so plan accordingly to be sitting outside for that long. Afterwards we headed in for the night.

Day 3

Day 3 we woke up and grabbed a quick breakfast near the hotel. We were going to go a New Orleans brunch place called, Nola Brunch, where they serve beignets. However, they are closed on Monday’s. Make sure to check out websites before you head over to restaurants. A lot of restaurants are closed on Mondays in cities, since they are open on Sundays.

We then headed over to Brackenridge Park to go walk around the trails. This park is also where the San Antonio zoo is located. Parking is free and so is walking around the grounds. We checked out the Japanese gardens and grabbed a bubble tea to enjoy.

It was hard to believe we were in San Antonio when we walked around the gardens. San Antonio is good at just that, making it feel like you escape the city to little oasis’s and that’s what we loved about it!

Did we miss anything in San Antonio? We had so much fun and this city needs to be on everyone’s quick weekend trip list!

Happy Traveling!

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