Magnolia Market

Alright! The post everyone has been waiting for, the details on Magnolia Market! I was super excited to go since I love Jo’s Target collection. The whole reason we went to Waco was to go to the Silos and shop in the Magnolia Market. Please note that Magnolia is NOT open on Sundays, so make sure you plan accordingly!

Waco is a very small town so there really is not a ton of parking. We had to park a couple of blocks away and we luckily found a free parking spot. Most places around Magnolia are not free so plan on bringing $5 to $10 in cash. When you walk to Magnolia Market the whole place is in a gated area. Everything inside is open and bright! To your left is the store, to your right is the bakery and straight ahead is the turf field, food trucks and garden.

Our first stop was to shop in the Magnolia store. IT IS CRAZY packed! Don’t think you will be leisurely strolling around Target. There are people everywhere! We even went during off season and I can imagine how it would be during the summer!

The store has two main parts: the upper decor and beauty shop and the lower decor, Chip’s items and apparel shop. There was so much cute stuff I wanted to buy it all but it is EXPENSIVE!! Unfortunately I feel like you could hit up Marshall’s or Hobby Lobby and get the same items for 1/2-1/3 of the price( read my previous post about what I found in the Spice Market down the street). But I mean you have to buy something to say you bought something, am I right?! Ha!

I mean $14 for a steam of fake greenery. ONE steam?! No thanks! I opted for buying a cute tee for $25 instead (honestly something you could get for $10 at Cotton On).

Regardless, the whole store is beautifully laid out! Even the bathroom was stunning. Note: you will have to wait in a long line to use the restroom in the store.

After we got our shopping fix in and looking at every little thing they had, we walked over to the bakery. The line is usually wrapped around the corner and you greeted by a bakery worker who hands you an order form and explains the process. You basically select what items you want and hand it to the cashier. You then pay and wait for them to call out for order. Simple and actually super quick!

we opted for the cinnamon roll and cranberry orange biscuit! The biscuit was our favorite, SO good!

After we walked through the turf where you could tell locals come to relax, grab food from the food trucks, play games and lounged on the cute striped poofs spread throughout the area.

Next we walked through the garden and through the garden store. The little store was more focused on garden items (most of which were also in the bigger store).

And that concluded our little Magnolia trip! It’s a very clean and beautiful area. However, you probably don’t need more than a few hours (1-3) to explore all that Magnolia has to offer!

Have you been to Waco? Did we miss anything?

What was your favorite thing to do? If you are near Waco make sure to check out Magnolia!

Happy Traveling!

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