We are moving!!

Exciting news, we are moving down to Austin, Texas in a couple of weeks! One of the reasons I am so excited is that we just opened up a whole new area for weekend trips! We will be close to so many cool areas in Texas. But also, we are a quick flight to lot of places as well ( Florida, New Orleans, Mexico).

I have already started tracking flights out of Austin to a variety of domestic and foreign destinations. I found so many good deals that I started an Instagram just for Texas flight deals. If you live in Texas, check out my instagram that’s dedicated to serving Austin folks with cheap flight alerts! You can follow me at @flightsfromaustin on instagram


Happy Traveling Ya’ll!!

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One thought on “We are moving!!

  1. Tom

    I think Norwegian Air or WOW Airlines fly discount fares direct to Europe out of Austin. Cyber Monday discount fares looked less than $200 each way out of Austin. Enjoy your new home!


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