How do you track flights? 

There is a variety of ways to track flights. Through Kayak, Expedia, Google Flights,ect. Which do you use? Or do you use one I didn’t list?

My all time favorite tracking service is google. It is super convenient to search for your destination and see when the best time to fly. Check out my post from a few months ago about how to use Google Flights. In the mean time, here are some quick tips:

  1. You can set up a free notification to email you when prices drop or increase for the flights are you interested in.
  2. If the cheapest flight isn’t your concern, you can also filter based on time of day or even what airline you want to travel with!
  3. You can pull up the calendar view for any flights and see when the cheapest time will be to go. If the date is in green, that is the cheapest time to go.
  4. Since Google Flights is so easy and quick to use, I will often set up flight notifications for multiple date ranges and also from nearby airports. If I can save a couple of hundred dollars flying out of LAX instead of SLC, then it will be worth it to me. Some cities have more than one airport to fly out of, like NYC, so do not forget to track all your close by airports.
  5. One ways. This can end up being cheaper as well. Look up one way tickets in Google Flights and see if it will be cheaper than selecting a RT ticket with one airline.

How has your experience been with Google Flights? Did you even know Google offered that?

I personally have only only used Google Flights to track flights. I know other major travel sites like Kayak do it as well, but I do not find it as convenient. But do whatever you feel like will get you the best flights deals! Happy Traveling!

P.S. tickets to Europe are still $400-500 RT through May.

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