Quick Tips to Save Money on Vacation

Here are my quick tips, on how to save on trips:

  • Find a couple to travel with, it will cut your trip in half!
  • Drive, it you can
    • It takes more time, but is seriously money saving
  • Pack snacks, so you do not spend unnecessary money
  • Rent a place with a kitchen, so you can grocery shop and cook, instead of going out for every meal
  • Use sites like Airbnb to book sleeping accommodations
  • Use sites like Expedia, to gain over 50% off on hotels, cars and flights
    • Expedia is the cheapest site I have found, even cheaper than Kayak
  • Ask locals! They know the best places that are off the map, and usually not as expensive as tourist areas
  • Travel to places where you have family and friends, you can usually stay with them for free!
  • Open up free rewards accounts. Once we were in LA and wanted to check in early. It was going to cost us $200. However, we opened up a free rewards card with the hotel and they waved the fee. Always ask to join rewards programs, you really will get free rewards

What quick tips do you have?

“Oh the places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss



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