My Airbnb Review

Vacation home rentals, Airbnb, couch surfing. These are all very popular sites that offer cheaper and cozier places to stay, for travelers. I personally use Airbnb 80% of the time while I am traveling. I use Airbnb for the following reasons:

  • Its a cool company
  • I find places to stay for almost 40-60% cheaper than hotels
  • You get a local experience
  • You meet interesting people
  • You get local recommendations
  • Usually close to public transportation
  • You get to read reviews are people who stayed there
  • More room, if you rent out a whole home

My personal option on Airbnb, I LOVE it! I look on Airbnb for places to stay, before I look anywhere else. While I was abroad, in Thailand, we stayed in an Airbnb in a local neighborhood. We really got to immerse in the culture that was around us. It was an experience I would never want to change.

I have heard of people staying in Airbnb’s where they have made life long friends. I know people who would eat dinner every night with their hosts. These are experiences that you could never get, staying in a hotel.

Some things to be aware of, with Airbnbs:

  • Really read the reviews, if they have little to no reviews, I would not stay there
  • Look for certified hosts, they respond quicker and are more trustworthy
  • Check how far you actually are, from where you want to go. Is there public transportation around? Will your uber be super expensive?
  • Ask the host for local recommendations

My review of Airbnb. DO IT! You will save a lot of money and gain excellent experiences. Airbnb is a big reason why me and my boyfriend can go travel. It always saves us a lot of money and makes traveling, domestic and international, possible.


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller


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