Thailand, Tip #1


We just recently got back from Thailand (hands down, my favorite vacation EVER!). We got to play with elephants, take a cooking class, go snorkeling and eat TONS of food. Every asked me how much this trip costed us. Thousands of dollars!!!—-NO!!!! Not really! All hotel accommodations and airline tickets (within Thailand) for me and Karolis, was around $550. FOR BOTH OF US, FOR 2 WEEKS! So…want to know how we did it??

Tip #1: Free Travel Rewards Programs
When you are traveling, you need to check out websites that offer FREE rewards programs. We ran across Expedia’s rewards program. We simply just created an account with our email, and, THAT. WAS. IT. Bring on the savings!
We often save over 50% on our hotel accommodations, by booking with our travel account. When we stayed in Phi Phi Islands, we got a bungalow to ourselves, with an ocean view, for $36 a night. If we booked without our rewards account, or through the hotel’s website, we would have spend over $70 a night (which, may I say, is still a good deal for almost a 4 star hotel!).
Through out, our whole trip, I checked Expedia, to see what deals they had. And I am SO glad I did! I have never used Expedia before, to book my hotels. However, this best kept secret, will be used again, in the future!
Go check out Expedia’s page and sign up, even if you do not have any vacations planned. You will thank me later!
~Happy Traveling!
“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

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